yoox.com is proud to be the online retailer and media partner of Who is on Next?, the scouting project aimed at promoting new fashion talent, sponsored by Vogue Italia and Altaroma. We are pleased to announce our 2012 winner: Soo Jung Cha, who designs under the label Suzanne Susceptible. Born in Korea and trained in Italy, Cha's poetic creativity has given rise to an enchanting, feminine and colorful collection for Spring-Summer 2013. Preview the collection and buy an exclusive dress, only on yoox.com.

Suzanne SusceptibleSPRING-SUMMER

Soo Jung Cha, aka Suzanne Susceptible, has a design sensitivity that reflects both her childhood memories of Korea and her later European experiences. Her latest collection, Spring-Summer 2013, is awash with pastels and packed with references to the art world.

Susceptible's clothing seems to emerge spontaneously from the collection's sophisticated textures and larger-than-life prints -- the latter a series of hyper-contemporary patchworks with fluorescent accents on an optical white background. Pair pencil or balloon skirts with structured jackets. Choose daring combinations of materials and details, all in a kaleidoscope of saturated colors. Susceptible's designs are conceptual, fragile and utterly unforgettable.

Close up with
Suzanne Susceptible

Who is “Suzanne” and why is she “Susceptible”?
I am Suzanne. It's also the name of a beautiful song by Leonard Cohen. Susceptible because, like her, I too am very susceptible.
What is the most important characteristic for a designer to have?
Trying to improve one's “creative efforts” every time, growing and developing all the time without ever seeming too much like yourself or others.
What is your ideal place and time for designing a collection?
The place and time of inspiration: wherever and however. The Spring / Summer 2013 collection began with sketches taken at the Sonia Delaunay exhibition. For the design process, there's no place better than my studio, with my cat prowling around me.
What has been the most important meeting of your career?
It was with a concept, not a person. It happens every time a collection starts to take shape.
What does it mean to an upcoming designer like you to be part of Who is on Next?
It means having the chance to get my work out there, making new contacts, creating a commercial channel for my brand. It means taking on a series of challenges and problems to be solved. It also makes you feel protected and assisted in your work for a year. Which in times like these means a whole lot!

Soo Jung ChaBIO

Soo Jung Cha was born in Chungmu, a small coastal town in the south of the Korean peninsula. Her love for fashion began when she was very young: from her mother she inherited a passion for patchwork and weaving techniques that she still has, so much so that it has become one of her "signature styles". It's no surprise, then, that her training began in textiles, initially in Korea and later in Italy, where she moved to study and work, first at Costume National, then at Bikkembergs and finally at Giuliano Fujiwara, where she is currently womenswear head designer. Her own brand Suzanne Susceptible was set up in March 2011.

Who is on Next? is a scouting project organized by Altaroma in collaboration with Vogue Italia, which aims to find and promote creative young talents on the national and international fashion scene.