International Size UK Size US Size
XS 32B-XS 32B-XS
XS 32B-S 32B-S
XS 32B-M 32B-M
XS 32-BL 32B-L
XS 32C-XS 32C-XS
XS 32C-S 32C-S
XS 32C-M 32C-M
XS 32C-L 32C-L
S 34B-XS 34B-XS
S 34B-S 34B-S
S 34B-M 34B-M
S 34B-L 34B-L
S 34C-XS 34C-XS
S 34C-S 34C-S
S 34C-M 34C-M
S 34C-L 34C-L
M 36B-XS 36B-XS
M 36B-S 36B-S
M 36B-M 36B-M
M 36B-L 36B-L
M 36C-XS 36C-XS
M 36C-S 36C-S
M 36C-M 36C-M
M 36C-L 36C-L
The conversions featured in this size chart are approximate.
If you are already familiar with the designer's fit, order the size you normally wear.