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YOOXYGEN presents an exclusive collaboration with Amber Valletta curating clothing, jewelry and accessories that are both fashionable and socially responsible. We introduce to you Master & Muse.
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Master & Muse is a fashion-forward lifestyle brand that reflects my love of fashion and design, influenced by my personal values. I have discovered artisans, brands and designers who are courageously pushing the envelope in how fashion is designed, sourced, constructed and sold. I am thrilled to offer you these stylish clothes and accessories that are made responsibly and thoughtfully.

The lens I used to vet this selection includes the core values of Master & Muse. Happily, all brands meet two or more of our vetting principles.
Join me and together we will make it fashionable to buy better.



We work with brands that engage in and facilitate the dialogue with consumers and industry partners about socially responsible fashion.


We work with brands that offer consumers more sustainable options through innovation in design, sourcing, and production.


We work with brands that join forces with others to achieve common sustainability goals.


We work with brands that engage in honest, accountable, and transparent business practices.


We work with brands that have fashion-forward vision and design.