Special Edition 2014 World Championship


While the best teams prepare for the 2014 World Championship in Brazil, yoox.com, in collaboration with Sepp magazine, lines up its very own fashion dream team: ten designers from ten different countries have created an exclusive collection of unisex, Italian-made sweatshirts, each featuring a custom print inspired by their native country. Three, two, one…kick-off! May the best one win!

Three, two, one …

kick-off, may the best one win!


No one should write off reigning champions Spain, who get a true expression of love from Agatha Ruiz de la Prada. Using the national colors of red and yellow, the Madrid designer’s central graphic is a loving heart.


The ultimate symbol of French pride is Le Coq, the strutting cockerel that represents the arrogance and self-confidence of the nation. Their football and rugby teams bear the rooster symbol, and a coq is often let off onto the pitch before international matches. The new darling of Paris menswear Alexandre Mattiussi – who worked at Dior and Givenchy before launching his brand AMI – combines his logo with Le Coq, cockily; excuse the pun, giving the bird a Gallic nose.


Our Brazilian squad member is Barbara Casasola; who has been winning kudos for her fluid ladylike chic. Staging her collections everywhere from White Cube in London to the Brazilian Embassy in Paris to a wrecked palazzo in Florence, Casasola represents a new, polished vernacular for her country’s fashion. For the summer games, her graphic collage of the Brazilian flag’s three colors – green, yellow and blue – looks just right for the opening game – Brazil v Croatia in S�o Paulo on June 12.


Germany always shows up for the World Championship. And with a squad based on Europe’s dominant club for the past two years – the masters of muscular pressing Bayern Munich – Brazil should be no exception. No wonder Bavarian boy Damir Doma photo printed a proud imperial eagle – the symbol of Mitteleuropean power and gravitas since Charlemagne.


The first African team to win a major world title was Nigeria in 1996, coming from behind twice to beat Argentina 3-2 in the final of the Olympics in Atlanta. Known as the Super Eagles, they are renowned for their swashbuckling play and never say die attitude. While playing on his country’s tradition for graphic prints and his own unexpected color combos, Duro Olowu makes the proud bird his centerpiece.


Nicknamed the Tigers, South Korea proudly sport the big cat as their emblem. A key symbol in Korean culture, tigers are viewed as guardians warding off evil. An ideal crest for the hard-working team in football. Some ecologists believe tigers still live in the demilitarized zone, the dividing line between north and south that is something of a nature sanctuary. Juun.J, the heroic modernist tailor, lets a Siberian Tiger leap across his sweatshirt. His Paris show is slowly but surely becoming a must go to event.


Attention-grabbing Ksubi let 169 rats loose in their first runway show back in 2001, announcing the birth of an iconoclastic posh punk surfer style. The brand has had its ups and downs – closing down briefly in 2010 – but it's got an authenticity that makes its stores, music and art events an expression of the Australian rebel DNA. For Brazil they use the green and yellow of both the Brazilian and Australian team colors greeting a nonchalant Oi!


Masha Ma is the St. Martins graduate from China causing quite a stir in Paris with her novel vision of modernist deconstruction. Cool and eclectic she has collaborated with everyone from Neville Brody to Naomi Campbell. Masha’s jersey for the tropical World Championship riffs on the red, white black combos of the collection she presented in March. Her Cubist collage hints of pagodas, soccer boots, a horizontal M and the spiky cacti that ripple through her oeuvre.


DJ turned designer Massimo Giorgetti’s label MGSM is the hottest young look in Italy. His power pop, hyper print party clothes work anywhere from dinner to dawn. No shop in Milan is busier than his MSGM boutique. Giorgetti is the new Fiorucci, and for the World Championship, he combines the Italian tricolor, a floral ball and an American football style M. We dig.


The ultimate in insider retailing, Opening Ceremony created a suitably idiosyncratic vision of Old Glory’s colors – using erratic red, white and blue stripes – for the World Championship. Designers Carol Lim and Humberto Leon know all about branding, so their team USA sweatshirt boasts their own enormous logo, along with a reminder that the label was founded in 2002. Coincidentally the same year America had its best tournament, reaching the quarterfinals in South Korea.



SEPP is a premium niche magazine that unites soccer, the world's most popular sport, and fashion. Launched in 2002 for the World Cup in Japan/Korea, it will publish a landmark issue (Nr 8 to date) for the World Championship in Brazil in 2014.