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Fine lace in bright colors and exceptional comfort: the Fall/Winter Amourette 300 collection walks the line between femininity, glamour and the perfect fit. Each line is researched to guarantee a flawless neckline, such as the Magic Wire models, which have flexible support, or the Amourette 300 Minimizer line, which visually reduces the bust by one size.

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Design research, quality tailoring and maximum comfort. Design research, quality tailoring and maximum comfort. Triumph, founded in 1886, offers collections of lingerie, luxury pajamas and swimwear which serve an important two-fold mission: providing beautiful items that make you feel beautiful.

Magic Boost

Every woman has different needs: enter the Magic Boost line, which contains three bra models, researched to offer three different shaping functions: push-up, lift-up and shape-up, with an unbeatable fit.

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