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YOOXYGEN is the destination and platform for innovative brands and products from around the world dedicated to making fashion socially and environmentally responsible.

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The Better for People attribute celebrates craftsmanship and champions brands dedicated to supporting the communities they work with across their entire value chain.

Under this attribute you will find products reflecting the unique characteristics of the communities who made them and brands responding to local needs by fostering talent and investing in infrastructure, education and training programs. You will find materials and products made by local artisans using traditional hand-based skills, preserving heritage and craft while demonstrating respect for their local environment. Finally, you will find brands promoting the highest social standards and working with internationally recognized NGOs and certifications such as Fairtrade and Fair for Life.



The Better for Planet attribute highlights brands demonstrating a significantly reduced environmental impact through better materials, better design, and better manufacturing processes.

Under this attribute you will find products created from certified organic fibers, sustainably sourced viscose and other alternative low-impact materials such as alpaca and cork. You will also find circular products certified by Cradle to Cradle and products which reduce waste through creative upcycling, or replacing virgin materials with recycled alternatives. Finally, products manufactured using environmentally preferred processes as recognized by international standards such as the Leather Working Group, Bluesign or Oekotex will also be included.



The Better for Animals attribute celebrates brands safeguarding animal welfare through the design and manufacturing of their products.

Under this attribute you will find brands utilizing alternative plant-based and renewable materials or working transparently to ensure the application of the highest animal welfare standards as defined by internationally recognized third party certifications, including The Responsible Down Standard and the Responsible Wool Standard. You will also find products which are 100% vegan, made by brands committed to not using any animal-derived materials or components throughout any of their manufacturing processes.


The YOOXYGEN Innovators attribute is dedicated to supporting new and emerging brands and designers driving the sustainable revolution.

Under this attribute you will find brands who are working as catalysts of change through activism and promoting conversation around critical environmental and social issues, as well as pioneers of new business models that will shape the future of our fashion and retail experience. You will find products which push the boundaries of sustainable design with the application of innovative technologies, new materials and cutting-edge approaches to manufacturing.




The pre-owned area was created to give new life to clothing and accessories: a space dedicated to a selection of second-hand styles and to promote circular shopping mindsets.

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