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ALESSI - Tea and coffee
EUR 68,00
  • Silver
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    Depth 13 cm, Height 29.5 cm, Width 22.5 cm
    It’s difficult to describe Aldo Rossi, one of the most influential architects of the twentieth century, the first Italian to win the Pritzker Prize in 1990 (architecture's equivalent to the Nobel prize), and also, but not limited to, a theorist, teacher and extraordinary designer. An advocate for an organic vision of architecture within an urban context through the use of archetypes - geometric shapes recurring throughout the history of architecture that draw on existing material - Rossi applied such an approach to all his work, including design, to which he dedicated himself from the beginning of the eighties alongside his architectural work. These very elements of historical legacy that allowed his architecture to interact with the past, whilst projecting itself into the future, are the same elements that can be found in the incredible La Cupola coffee maker, the Il Conico kettle, the Momento clock, and in all his other objects, exuding charm and emotion, designed for Alessi, the company famous for supporting the artistic and poetic approach of the great Milanese architect.
Product code: 58001882DD