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EUR 209,00
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  • Made In Italy
    Item made in Italy, synonymous with quality and design creativity.
    Depth 6.5 cm, Height 16.5 cm
    A set of 2 juice glasses. The Smoke glasses represent the interpretation of cultivated society’s new shape, as seen by Joe Colombo in 1964. Made from blown crystal, the glasses feature a particular shape that allows them to be held in one hand along with cigarette; ergonomically designed to be gripped from the base with a single thumb, keeping the other fingers free.
    “What makes a genius? Imagination, intuition, vision and speed of execution.” And so, my friends, Joe Colombo was a genius! And what does a genius do? Prosaically, indulges in their own laziness and its relative corpulence, but above all, in a pragmatic, noble sense, solves problems to create a better life. Born in Milan in 1930, completing his training as a painter at the Accademia di Brera, and as an architect at the Politecnico di Milano, he was an active artist in the most avant-garde movements of his lifetime – from the Nuclear Movement founded by Enrico Baj, to the Concrete Art Movement founded by Dorfles and Munari. Colombo applied the ideals of artistic research to design, using some of the most innovative materials of his time to succeed, with disarming natural flair, in creating genuine masterpieces. Large plastic armchairs for XL posteriors, glasses with off-centre stems so that you can drink and smoke at the same time, and perfectly practical living units spread across just a few metres squared. When Joe Colombo set out to design something, the solution was always perfect, simple and surprising.
Product code: 58002426AF