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ALESSI - Design accessories
EUR 165,00
  • Silver
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Limited availability
    Stainless Steel
    Depth 30 cm, Height 3.5 cm, Width 30 cm
    living room
    Jeff Koons filled the world with shiny steel balloon animals, however Stefano Giovannoni did it bigger and better in his own way. He too brought the same joie de vivre straight into our homes, going one step further by giving his subjects a quality not to be overlooked: the ability to be used. Giovannoni’s pieces not only facilitate “noble” gestures such as sitting or cooking, but are also designed for more uninspiring daily tasks, such as cleaning the floor and cleaning the toilet. The Merdolino toilet brush produced by Alessi is perhaps most representative of the playful and anthropological spirit of this extraordinary artist, who succeeded in uniting polar opposites with paradoxical elegance. The Rabbit Chair by Queeboo is also worthy of a mention: neither a chair nor a toy, both things at once and yet so much more. It’s a symbol of love and fertility: an ironic antidote against the heaviness of the world. Stefano Giovannoni is the “Champion of the Super and Popular ”, the “King Mida of Design”, and above all, master of optimism, joy and creativity.
Product code: 58002569TE