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EUR 183,00
  • Silver
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    Height 15.5 cm, Width 9.5 cm
    EXCLUSIVE PREVIEW 2011 The two intersecting cones that make up the body of these handsome pewter jugs drew inspiration from old-style oilcans on which the funnel was connected to the main body. Each jug is beautifully hand crafted – cut, rolled, soldered and polished – from solid pewter sheets. Available in ½ pint, l pint and 750 milliliters, they’re perfect for water, milk or decanting a bottle of wine. The funnel spout is designed to pour a precise and controllable flow of liquid.
    Estd Collection is by Established & Sons, a new collection of exceptional objects with practical use. These products are intended as highlights in your interior. Each is characterful, carefully considered and a purposeful departure from the norm. This is an own-label collection by Established & Sons. Which means we have distilled the qualities of our brand into a series of objects that reflect what we hold dear; design integrity, purposefulness and the very best methods of manufacture. The Estd collection allows us the opportunity to leverage the strength and awareness we have built around the Established & Sons brand over the past five years. As a company we are always looking forward and the Estd collection is set to pioneer new methods of design distribution. While available in traditional retail, it will enjoy the majority of its retail interest online. Each Estd by Established & Sons product is full of spirit and charm. They are a point of difference, an unexpected source of pleasure in the everyday.
Product code: 58005720IW