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A unique project in which African aesthetics and craftsmanship combine with the contemporary style of 8 by YOOX.

The capsule collection is created by six African designers who masterfully mix materials, culture and know-how.


Cameroonian designer Imane Ayissi, known as the ambassador of textiles and traditional know-how, creates collections that fuse African heritage with Western fashion. Over the years he has offered his take on many treasured techniques, like the Faso Dan Fani fabric, a beautiful traditional woven cotton cloth native to Burkina Faso, that is featured in this unique capsule collection as his signature.


The Nigerian designer Nkwo Onwuka is one of Africa's most committed creatives to sustainable fashion and considers the conservation of natural resources to be crucial. Tie-dyeing is a key element in her work, as well as mixing denim, traditional dyes and aso-oke, a Nigerian weaving technique. In this capsule she celebrates indigo, a beautiful blue dye emblematic of many West African countries.


Specializing in accessories and home decor, Inzuki Designs by Teta Isibo shows the world the creativity of contemporary Rwandan design. Two artisanal treasures - beads and woven sisal - give life to bold and unique accessories, promoting local know-how and craftsmanship.


The use of embroidered leather in South Africa is not only a matter of aesthetics, but a tradition that allows Reggi Xaba - a well-known name in African footwear - to tell a story and conserve culture. His iconic sandals, inspired by traditional Zulu Izimbadada shoes and made in Durban, South Africa, stand out in the capsule collection in collaboration with 8 by YOOX.


Handcrafted in Johannesburg, GALAGO espadrilles created by Adhiambo Mula-Lauwers are infused with the finest South African know-how. Beadwork is a heritage shared by many cultures in the country. The designer creates contemporary shoes that highlight this craft with vibrant designs.


Artist, designer and founder of KENTE PROJECT, Estelle Yomeda explores different materials and know-how, such as dyed bazin, vegetable-tanned leather and wood. In this capsule, she honors the traditional Togolese Kente fabric through unique pieces such as headbands and bags in bright colors, made in collaboration with local weavers.

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