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Maurizio Cattelan

Museums League exclusively for YOOX
EUR 69,00 (DKK 513,17)
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    100% Acrylic
    Height 20 cm, Width 190 cm
    The “Museum League” scarves by Maurzio Cattelan are a simple yet ingenious re-interpretation of ordinary stadium scarves, transporting art to everyday life via the world of football. Showcasing a juxtaposition that is almost paradoxical, museum spaces are likened to stadiums - both places in which people come together and share a common passion - thanks to Cattelan’s hooligan “gadgets”, the evolution of which is made evident today. Exclusively for YOOX, the artist has created a unique scarf, which bares, instead of the name of a museum, the ironic phrase “Make love like war”, a paraphrase of the famous pacifist motto “make love not war”, behind which hides numerous possible meanings. “Make love like war”: Eros and Thanatos, love and death, primary and inseparable instincts, to put it à la Freud. But is this the meaning that the artist wanted to convey? Maybe, or maybe not, judging from the two profaning toilets on either end. But this is the poetic style of Maurizio Cattelan: no certainties, only possibilities.
    Maurizio Cattelan is probably the most famous Italian artist in the world since Leonardo da Vinci, if we also consider fame outwith art. Social prankster whose provocations are never gratuitous and always effective, Cattelan is a living contradiction and a continuous re-invention, ever ready to move on before you are. In full Duchampian spirit, with the freshness of an advertiser and the neatness of a designer, Italy’s national artist par excellence never ceases to shine in the whirlwind of his mocking eclecticism. Starting with artworks that made art history and created socio-political controversy–like the Pope being struck down by a meteorite, Hitler kneeling in prayer or the satirical solid gold toilet sculpture linked to the career of Donald Trump–to Toilet Paper, the magazine of images, and the new Made in Cattelan brand for affordable interior design. After he announced his retirement only to make a glittering return, all we can do is wait for the next surprise that Maurizio will grant us.
Product code: 58041489AI