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LIGNE BLANCHE - Art object
EUR 98,00 (DKK 728,85)
  • Pink
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    100% Porcelain
    Height 27 cm, Width 27 cm
    no appliqués
    What more can be said about Andy Warhol, one of the most famous and celebrated artists of all time, the Michelangelo of modern society, the guru of the commercial object as an icon of our time? A man forced to flee by helicopter from throngs of fans and who stirred up such intense feelings as to provoke a murder attempt, as if he were a politician or a rock star. It can still be said today that his greatness lay in his ability to be completely immersed in his era and to see, as we romantically like to think artists can and must do, into the future, into our time. It is no longer possible to look at can of soup or a picture of Marilyn Monroe without thinking of him; Warhol is an image, a concept, a vision of the Western world that has been internalised by us all. Andy Warhol, father of Pop Art, genius and icon, of communication, gifted with the Midas touch, transformed anything that he laid his (and therefore our) hands on, into a work of art.
Product code: 58044059VC