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LIGNE BLANCHE - Art object

Keith Haring

Black Pattern - limoges porcelain tray
EUR 120,00 (DKK 892,46)
  • Black
Last one available
Limited availability
    100% Porcelain
    Height 16 cm, Width 20 cm
    no appliqués
    There are some celebrities who, upon concluding their existential parable, go beyond their human story to become great icons. This is what happened to James Dean, Marylin Monroe, and Andy Warhol. And also to Keith Haring, the best-loved writer of all time, and an artist defined by a troubled life, a premature death and triumphant success. After starting out in the suburbs, where he took over New York’s underground world and became friends with the iconic Jean-Michel Basquiat, Haring’s energy grew more and more intense. With a restless and rebellious personality, a prolific figure in the world of drawing who pushed himself to the very limits of his obsession, Keith Haring found an escape in his need to surpass the boundaries, choosing the urban landscape as the stage for his world-famous subjects, characterised by the reassuring cartoon appeal of Walt Disney, yet marked by profound anthropological undertones. A pop-infused reinterpretation of ancestral rock engravings, creating a direct line that transforms his infinite and chaotic designs into an emblematic image of our time and our society.
Product code: 58047779LV