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LIGNE BLANCHE - Art object

Erwin Wurm

Fat Convertible - limoges porcelain plate
EUR 80,00 (DKK 594,98)
  • Red
Last one available
Limited availability
    100% Porcelain
    Height 21 cm, Width 21 cm
    no appliqués
    Erwin Wurm, the artist who swallowed the world. Whilst for many, the philosophy of “all and instantly” is the quickest way to waste energy, for this complex, satirical Austrian artist - famous for his One Minute Sculptures, Fat Cars, Narrow Houses, and bent boats and trucks positioned in the most unlikely of places - everything that surrounds him can be used to create art. Everyday life, all objects, social issues and aspects of human existence, from physical things to spiritual and psychological concepts. Everything and anything is taken, swallowed and regurgitated, distorted in any way that this bulimic artist’s vision so dictates, never without a profound sense of humor that sees him break away from normality and seduce his audience. Yet Erwin Wurm always, and in any case, adopts an approach that is neither frivolous nor trivial, but rather philosophical and political, recounting through these distortions themselves a game of reversal that reveals the true nature of things.
Product code: 58047792MS