Vik Muniz


For Vik Muniz, the great Brazilian artist renowned for his monumental figurative compositions made from found objects, recycling isn’t just an artistic technique.

It is also synonymous with rebirth and civil responsibility, influenced by Brazil’s social condition, where he founded schools of art and technology for kids living on the streets, and his symbiotic relationship with nature and the environment, going so far as to use organic waste in his creative process.

But above all, recycling is the key to exciting, playful and elegant works with profound themes and unique intensity, reflecting the artist's empathy and commitment to sustainability.

YOOX presents the series Repro: Eight Color Spectrum reproduced on 8 skateboards in a numbered edition signed by the artist together with The Skateroom, a stratified appropriation of images from art history, a vital explosion of collages based on the eight colours of the chromatic spectrum.

Vik Muniz, born in 1961, is a Brazilian artist famous for his innovative and monumental use of waste and found objects, transformed into original artworks and re-workings of masterpieces from art history, present in the world's most prestigious museums such as MoMA, Tate, ICP and the New Museum.