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GIMAGUAS - Earrings
EUR 49,00
  • Beige
Last one available
Limited availability
    Brass, Baroque pearl
    When they founded their brand in 2016, Sayana and Claudia, two Spanish designers and twin sisters, were inspired by the Cuban word “Jimaguas", which means “twins”. The pair travel the world in search of great artisanal work, working hand in hand with artisans from around the globe, including Jaipur, Madagascar and Mexico. Having collaborated with NGOs in Senegal and Nepal to promote local craftsmanship, the brand is open to building new long-term relationships with social projects where artisans have an important role in bringing about positive social change. The result is an ever-changing selection of unique goods that evoke the pleasure of summer: travelling, walking barefoot and collecting treasures from hidden paradises that never go out of style. This product meets the criteria of one or more of YOOXYGEN's sustainability attributes. Visit YOOXYGEN to find out more.
    Length 5 cm
Product code: 50242964VX