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  • Made In Italy
    Item made in Italy, synonymous with quality and design creativity.
    Steel, Beech
    Depth 49 cm, Height 51 cm, Width 51 cm
    The 1970 Mezzadro is perhaps the clearest expression of Castiglioni’s desire to use part of a pre-existing object, retaining its form but modifying where and how it is to be used: a tractor seat from the early nineties for use as a stool in the home. The prototype was presented at the Villa Olmo exhibition in 1957. It is composed of four elements: a seat, a wing nut, a leaf spring, and a crossbar. Even the special fixing system employs a familiar object used to secure the wheels of a bicycle: a large wing nut that allows you to tighten the joining parts without the use a screwdriver or key. The seat is made from a stamped and lacquered metal sheet. The stainless steel leaf spring supporting the seat is also taken from a tractor, originally positioned the other way round to absorb the bumps of off-road agricultural terrain, which gives the stool its flexibility. The solid beech crossbar, which is vaguely reminiscent of a yoke, provides two additional support points and gives the product its stability.
    Hats off to Achille, Pier Giacomo and Livio Castiglioni, the world’s most celebrated Milanese design family. Born between 1911 and 1918, the brothers opened an architecture, urban planning and industrial design studio together in 1940 after graduating from the Polytechnic University of Milan. Livio would go on to leave the project in 1968 to concentrate his talent on design, the fruits of which we all know well. But the projects Achille and Pier Giacomo created together have left a great legacy: they include some of the most famous lamps in the history of design–the unrivalled and iconic Arco–and fun chairs with unmistakable style, like the Mezzadro stool. Key players on the international cultural stage, exhibiting in the most important museums and winning numerous prizes including a total of fourteen Compasso d'Oro, the Associazione per il Disegno Industriale award they contributed to establish, the Castiglioni brothers represent a pinnacle in the history of Italian and global design.
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