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GEORG JENSEN - Container

Henning Koppel

Henning Koppel Bonbonniere Turnip
EUR 99,00
  • Silver
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    Wood, Stainless Steel
    Depth 16.5 cm, Height 9.5 cm, Width 16.5 cm
    living room
    Henning Koppel was a highly perceptive Danish designer whose creations sought the spiritual essence of reality through smooth, sculptural forms, inspired by the abstract poetry of Jean Arp and the sublime geometric simplification of Brancusi. Trained in sculpture as well as drawing and painting, and a young avant-garde artist before becoming a designer, Koppel's work began as a rapid sketch and was then transformed into a clay model. This practice, that he kept from his sculptural work, enabled Koppel to use his models to define every single detail and to rethink every aspect, until the final result was ready for production. Koppel's organic forms have transformed jewellery, jugs, ceramics, watches, lights, cutlery and even stamps into works of art. But it was mainly the incredible silverware designed for Georg Jensen's studio, with whom he collaborated throughout his career, that immortalised this extraordinary artist, always in the same poetic search for the perfect shape.
Product code: 58036413FJ