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    100% Cotton
    Height 40 cm, Width 40 cm
    Gorilla Mask Tote Bag x Guerrilla Girls by Third Drawer Down, a collaboration between Third Drawer Down and USA masked feminist crusaders Guerrilla Girls. Cut out eyes with embroidered edging make it a mask and a tote so you're always protest ready.
    If you encounter girls in the street wearing gorilla masks, don't panic. These are the unknown and anonymous Guerrilla Girls artists, the iconic feminist group that uses facts, humour and outrageous images to expose sexual and cultural prejudices as well as corruption in politics, art, film and pop culture. Protected by their anonymity, to prevent distraction from the real problems with personal narratives, the Guerrilla Girls believe in a vision of feminism that fights discrimination and upholds human rights for all people and all genders. In thirty years they have produced over 100 street projects, posters and stickers all over the world, including New York, Los Angeles, Mexico City, Istanbul, London, Bilbao, Rotterdam and Shanghai, to name just a few, as well as creating projects and exhibitions in museums, addressing their bad behaviour and discriminatory practices on their own walls. Inspiring anyone who wants to follow in their footsteps to do the same!
Product code: 58042896KH