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THE SKATEROOM - Art object
EUR 600,00
  • Pink
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    100% Maple
    Depth 20 cm, Height 1 cm, Width 80 cm
    Set of 3 skateboard decks. Limited Edition of 150. The Skateroom works together with some of the world’s most renowned contemporary artists to produce limited edition artworks on skateboards. Up to 20% of the proceeds are donated to social projects handpicked by artists or directly to different organizations, such as the award winning NGO Skateistan, that use skateboarding as a tool for social change and the empowerment of youth.
    Nobuyoshi Araki is one of the greatest photographers of our time. A silent witness to life, he is endowed with an immense tenderness that transforms both brothels and clouds into a combined ode to empathy. He uses simple and straightforward techniques such as Polaroid, an immediate filter to his poetic vision, pervaded by a sense of tragedy that moves subjects away from the banality of everyday life and projects them into a world of allusions and symbols. Prolific to the point of obsession, Araki has told the story of the Japanese sex industry with erotic tension and human engagement, the same way that he told the story of his journey with his beloved wife Yoko, sentimental at first and then painful later, and he brings the same tension and personal involvement to combining images of blooming flowers and soft clouds with bound girls in kimonos practising kinbaku, the ancient Japanese art of bondage. Araki's images are always similar and yet always different, drawing us into the intimacy of his gaze, making us see the world through his eyes. As if they were our own.
Product code: 58044346OG