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THE SKATEROOM - Art object
EUR 517,00
  • Black
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    100% Maple
    Depth 20 cm, Height 1 cm, Width 80 cm
    Set of 3 skateboard decks. Limited Edition of 75. The Skateroom works together with some of the world’s most renowned contemporary artists to produce limited edition artworks on skateboards. Up to 20% of the proceeds are donated to social projects handpicked by artists or directly to different organizations, such as the award winning NGO Skateistan, that use skateboarding as a tool for social change and the empowerment of youth.
    Artist, designer and art director Steven Harrington is regarded as the pioneer of contemporary Californian psychedelic-pop aesthetics, with his multifaceted and colourful works inspired by the rich diversity, the landscape and the cultural melting pot of his home. The product of the Californian heat of the 1960s and the post-modernist aesthetics of the 1980s, his work is brilliant, bright, fun and extremely entertaining. Funny palm trees and anthropomorphic pineapples are interwoven with caricatures of local wildlife, in a kaleidoscope of bright colours and flowing, frenetic shapes. A multimedia artist nonetheless, Harrington moves from installations in plaster and stone to hand-printed works, as well as limited edition books, skateboards and sculptures, and has exhibited in Los Angeles, New York, Paris, Berlin, Milan, Barcelona, Tokyo, San Francisco, Chicago, Philadelphia, Montreal, Melbourne and Dallas.
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