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THE SKATEROOM - Art object
EUR 310,00
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    100% Maple
    Depth 20 cm, Height 1 cm, Width 80 cm
    Single Board. Limited Edition of 100. The Skateroom works together with some of the world’s most renowned contemporary artists to produce limited edition artworks on skateboards. Up to 20% of the proceeds are donated to social projects handpicked by artists or directly to different organizations, such as the award winning NGO Skateistan, that use skateboarding as a tool for social change and the empowerment of youth.
    A laugh is all it takes to save us. From ourselves, from technological obsessions, from the superficiality of sex and relationships, from the longing for money and power, from the ugliness of the world. Just a chuckle, a snigger even, but unstoppable, like an ear worm that just won't be silenced. Jean Jullien, a young French illustrator who now lives in London, is already well-known all over the world thanks to his images and the infinite objects on which they are displayed: photography, video, clothing, graphic design and posters, an eclectic but coherent body of work. The latest figure in the history of French art, from Folon to Wolinski, Jullien is a charming but committed artist and also the designer of the famous Peace for Paris symbol created after the horrific night when terrorists struck the city in 2015, it immediately went viral as the world showed solidarity with Paris and its victims. A carefully composed style that is straight to the point and never dull. Not just for a laugh.
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