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The art of writing on skin

Based on this concept, the Montblanc X YOOX capsule collection was born, created in collaboration with Stefano Boetti, known in the tattoo world as Stizzo.

The noble art of writing and the ancient art of tattooing share an almost visceral relationship with ink and skilful handwork.

The Milanese tattoo artist has created three original designs for three iconic personalised notebooks, with luxurious saffiano leather covers.


Stefano Boetti, known as Stizzo, is one of the most renowned traditional tattoo artists.

Since 2009, his studio, Best of Times Tattoo, has been considered an artist’s workshop, becoming a point of reference for aficionados.

The three pieces, notable for their fine lines and sophisticated use of colour, are inspired by classic, universal themes: Nature, Family and Planet.