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La sfida all'insegna della sostenibilità, lanciata per la prima volta l'anno scorso da Vogue Italia e YOOX, è giunta alla sua seconda edizione.Fare la differenza, soprattutto in questo momento, è l'obiettivo concreto di molti designer, creativi, innovatori e start-up che operano nel settore del fashion, del design, dei materiali e del retail. Ed è proprio a tutti loro che questo challenge si rivolge:

un progetto per reinventare la moda e il design, nel rispetto del nostro pianeta.


I membri della giuria internazionale che esamineranno i migliori progetti sono voci autorevoli del mondo dell'imprenditoria, del fashion & design, della comunicazione e dell'attivismo ambientale, e che hanno in comune l'impegno nella salvaguardia del pianeta.


La giuria internazionale ha selezionato Orange Fiber come vincitore della seconda edizione del contest dedicato alla sostenibilità.


Orange Fiber crea tessuti di alta qualità partendo dai sottoprodotti del succo di agrumi, utilizzando un processo innovativo e brevettato e collaborando con i leader del settore. Si impegna a introdurre pratiche responsabili nell'industria della moda e del tessile, contribuendo a plasmare un nuovo concetto di lusso basato su uno stile di vita etico.

Vogue Italia YOOX Challenge -The Future of Responsible Fashion


Initiative excluded from the application of the Italian regulation for prize competitions as per article 6, paragraph 1, of the Italian d.p.r. 26/10/2001, N° 430




Edizioni Condé Nast S.p.A., with registered office in Milan (Italy), Piazzale L. Cadorna 5, publisher of the famous magazine Vogue Italia (hereinafter referred to as “Condé Nast”) and YOOX NET-A-PORTER GROUP S.p.A., company with sole shareholder subject to direction and coordination of Compagnie Financière Richemont S.A., with registered office in Milan (Italy), Via Morimondo 17, 20143 Milano, Tax Code and VAT Number 02050461207, with share capital of € 1.384.207,41 fully paid up (hereinafter referred to as “YNAP”), launch the 2nd edition of the initiative “Vogue Italia Yoox Challenge – The Future of Responsible Fashion” (hereinafter referred to as “Initiative”), a scouting project aims to support emerging designers and/or start-ups who placed sustainability values at the heart of their process and who can make the difference in sustainable apparel and design. The ten-year affiliation between the abovementioned two companies has always been dedicated to supporting the new generation of creatives providing them with assistance and mentorship. Supporting this new conscientious generation is a challenge that should be faced in order to conceive a better future and increase awareness within the fashion system.
The ten-year affiliation between the abovementioned two companies has always been dedicated to supporting the new generation of creatives providing them with assistance and mentorship. Supporting this new conscientious generation is a challenge that should be faced in order to conceive a better future and increase awareness within the fashion system.


The aim of the Initiative is to drive and support innovation that challenges the existing production and consumption system with the purpose of significantly reduce the environmental and social impact of the fashion industry.


The Initiative seeks to support one of the following innovation fields:

• Materials Innovation – where the innovation offers new ways to reuse or create more sustainable materials (that replaces a conventional material such as polyester, plastic, cotton, viscose or leather with an alternative that has significantly less environmental impact)

• Design & Manufacturing Innovation– where the innovation explores more sustainable ways to develop and produce fashion and design products (significantly reducing waste or environmental impact)

• Retail Innovation – where the innovation explores new, more sustainable retail models or experiences (such as rental, resale or sharing)

• Cultural Innovation – where the innovation facilitates radical transparency or creates engagement with sustainability issues, driving action towards more sustainable consumption.


To enter the Initiative the applicants must, during the Application Period:

submit, in their chosen digital format, one (1) entry via www.yoox.com/project/vogueyooxchallenge (“Entry”);

• be an individual or group of age who have reached the age of majority (18 years);

• be a fashion or design brand (registered business or sole trader producing womenswear; menswear, footwear, accessories, jewellery or design products); or

• be a social enterprise; or

• be a technology start-up company.

(hereafter “Eligible Applicant/s”)


Participation in the Initiative is free of charge.

• Application process opens from the 22nd February 2021 till 02nd July 2021 h 12.00 (CET) (“Application Period”);

• Eligible Applicants must fill the online application form at following link: www.yoox.com/project/vogueyooxchallenge (the “Site”). Applications shall be submitted in English. Each submitted application (and the related information, contents and materials) will be automatically forwarded to the address vogueyooxchallenge@ynap.com for the purpose of facilitate the selection process. Applications will be shared by YNAP with Condé Nast for the purposes of their evaluation;

• Within the 30th of October 2021 the Jury Panel - as defined below - will review the finalist projects and will select one winner project who better respond, on the unquestioned judgment of the jury itself, to the requirements set forth in the following paragraph (“Winner”).

Entries shall be submitted in the English language and may be submitted in any digital format selected by each Eligible Applicant (e.g. written/video), provided that it does not exceed a file size limit of 10 MB for pdf and 200 MB for videos by no later than the Closing Date: 2ND July 2021 h 12.00 CET. Eligible Applicant shall be liable to submit complete and accurate Entry. Each Eligible Applicant shall indicate its full name and date of birth in its covering email.

The Eligible Applicants shall be aware that participation in the Initiative does not imply or determine, for itself, the attribution of any right to receive any compensation of any kind and nature. It is also understood that the costs of participating in the Initiative shall not be borne and/or reimbursed in any case by Condé Nast and/or YNAP.

The present Initiative’s terms and conditions may be modified by Condé Nast and/or YNAP from time to time providing communication and information through the websites Vogue.it, yoox.com and via e- mail to the address indicated by each Eligible Applicant in the related application. In case of conflict between these terms and conditions and any possible related amendments, the latter shall prevail.


Participation in the Initiative is voluntary and requires the processing of the personal data provided by the applicants. The submission of an application implies full and unconditional acceptance of these terms and conditions, as well as acknowledgement and acceptance of the information notice available at the following link https://secure.social.yoox.it/yspecial/VogueYooxChallenge/2021/file/Privacy.pdf The personal data supplied by each applicant within the submission of the application (and any other possible personal data provided by the applicant and/or the selected designer/s and or star-up/s related to the Initiative’s participation) will be processed by YNAP and Condé Nast – as joint controllers of the data processing pursuant to the joint controllership agreement entered into by YNAP and Condé Nast setting out purposes terms and conditions of processing– pursuant to Regulation (EU) 2016/679 on the protection of personal data and the relevant implementing rules and for the purposes referred to in the abovementioned information notice.

Applicants shall comply with the applicable laws and regulations on personal data protection, including, without limitation, the Regulation (EU) 2016/679 on the protection of personal data and the relevant implementing rules and the Italian D. Lgs. 196/2003.


Entries will be judged based on the following criteria:

1) Sustainability impact (MANDATORY)

• Eligible Applicants shall demonstrate sustainability values through their project and the idea at the basis of them;

2) Originality (MANDATORY)

• Eligible Applicants shall demonstrate the idea at the basis of the submitted project (and the project itself) is original and it do not infringe any third party’s rights, including, without limitation, any intellectual property rights;

3) Viability (MANDATORY)

• Eligible Applicants shall demonstrate and submitted through the project:
(i) a viable idea and prototype (where it exists);
(ii) a business case for the innovation and its range of applicability in the industry;
(iii) they have the right skills to deliver the innovation

4) Vision (MANDATORY)

• Eligible Applicants shall be able to demonstrate a clear strategy for how the prize money will be spent and how it will contribute to the sustainable development of the fashion industry.

5) Communicability (MANDATORY)

Projects must be able to be communicated in a clear way and as strong innovations


The designer and or start-up which will be selected by the Jury Panel as a Winner:

i. will receive € 50,000.00, as cash prize, in a maximum of two tranches;
ii. will have the opportunity to participate in an editorial content of the magazine Vogue Italia; and
iii. will also have the opportunity to participate in a personalized 12-month tailored mentoring programme organized and managed by YNAP or other suitable sustainable organization or brand with the aim of developing the innovation and needs of each project.

The Prizes are non-transferable and non-exchangeable.

No cash alternative will be provided for prizes under points ii and iii. The Prize is personal to the Winner and is for private, not commercial, use.


• The maximum of 20 finalists selected shall be available for video interviews and backstage shooting. The related photographic and audiovisual materials may be shared and published on Condé Nast and YNAP websites and social platforms, as well as on Condé Nast magazines (both print and digital version), without temporal and territorial limits, for Initiative’s promotional, communication, public relation and storytelling purposes;

• The awarded designer/s and/ or start-up shall sign the YNAP code of conduct;

• The awarded designer/s and/ or start-up shall participate in the 12-month mentoring programme;

• The awarded designer/s and/ or start-up shall participate in press/promotion activities related to the Initiative and the awards;

• The awarded designer/s and/ or start-up shall provide a budget and report on how the cash Prize is spent.

• Any intellectual property right related to the submitted project and to the underlying innovation and ideas shall remain in the ownership of each applicant.


YNAP, Ludovica Braglia (a Sustainable Business, Fashion & Communication Advisor), and Condé Nast will preside over the selection of the maximum of 20 finalists.

A jury panel, composed by Federico Marchetti, Chairman YNAP, Emanuele Farneti, Vogue Italia Director and Sara Sozzani Maino, Vogue Italia Deputy Editor-in-chief and Head of Vogue Talents, together with CSR managers, opinion leaders, leading figures of fashion and design industry and international media, will have the task of designate the Winner/s (“Jury Panel”).

The Eligible Applicants declare to raise no objections with reference to (i) the composition of the Jury Panel, (ii) the decision-making process, and (iii) the final decision taken the Jury Panel.


The Applicants who have submitted incomplete, out of time or without attendance requirements application may be excluded from the Initiative at YNAP and Condé Nast own discretion. Condé Nast and/or YNAP will be allowed to exclude from the Initiative the Applicants which do not comply with these terms and conditions. In case of non-acceptance of an application, the documentation submitted will not be returned by Condé Nast and YNAP.


Each Eligible Applicant undertakes and guarantees:

(i) to keep confidential the details of its Entry and to not disclose the related project with any third party since the end of the Initiative. Each Eligible Applicant also undertakes to not submit project already candidate to other initiatives, different from the Initiative;
(ii) that the submitted project shall be original, shall not infringe any law or regulatory provision applicable, whether national or supranational, or any distinctive sign, intellectual or industrial property right, industrial secrets, copyright or other third party right;
(iii) that he/she/it shall not realize any vulgar, irrelevant, offensive and/or inappropriate project (and/or contents) and that, in any case, he/she/it shall comply scrupulously with the indications and instructions contained in these terms and conditions;
(iv) that he/she/it shall avoid advertising content and that he/she/it shall not submit a project that has already been proposed and/ or submitted within different initiatives;
(v) that the submitted project shall not have any slanderous, offensive, obscene and/or blasphemous elements and/or content and shall comply with the principles of public order and good practice;
(vi) that the submitted project shall not infringe any patrimonial or personal rights of third parties (including copyright and intellectual property rights, moral rights, image, honor, decorum and/or reputation and/or confidentiality rights, copyright, personal data protection rights, publication or other rights);
(vii) he/she/it has obtained all consents and releases from any possible holder of rights to the project for any reason and he/she/it also holds any other permits and authorizations required by law and/or regulatory provisions, including but not limited to laws and or regulations regarding the processing of personal data of any and data subject/s for any reason involved that may be necessary for project submission within the Initiative. In particular, if the project contains elements and/or parts drawn from third party works, he/she/it shall henceforth guarantee that he/she/it has obtained and/or shall obtain all necessary authorizations from the persons entitled thereto, such as, by way of example and not exhaustively, the rights connected with the relevant presentation within the Initiative;
(viii) all deeds of acquisition of the rights and any consent shall be made available to Condé Nast and/or YNAP upon request;
(ix) there are no third parties’ rights or claims in conflict with Eligible Applicant’s declarations and warranties provided herein;
(x) that the information contained in the application and in the project shall be lawful, accurate, truthful and correct, shall not cause offense to persons or entities, and shall provide a correct andtruthful representation of the reality and the events therein indicated;
(xi) to be aware that the project submission as well as its possible dissemination to the public and exhibition within the Initiative constitutes a disclosure of the related designs or models pursuant to the articles 32 and 34 of the Legislative Decree N° 30 of 10 February 2005 (Italian Code of Industrial Property);
(xii) to not transfer and/or dispose of any existing and future intellectual property rights in the Entry and in the project (i.e, patents, rights to Inventions, copyright and related rights, moral rights, trademarks and service marks, business names and domain names, rights in get-up and trade dress, goodwill and the right to sue for passing off or unfair competition, rights in designs, rights in computer software, database rights, rights to use, and protect the confidentiality of, confidential information - including know-how and trade secrets - and all other intellectual property rights, in each case whether registered or unregistered and including all applications and rights to apply for and be granted, renewals or extensions of, and rights to claim priority from, such rights and all similar or equivalent rights or forms of protection which subsist or will subsist now or in the future in any part of the world), in favor of anyone, in any place, until the announcement of the winner.

Each Eligible Applicant shall be solely and exclusively liable for the submitted project and the compliant for any applicant law and regulation applicable to the project. Therefore, Condé Nast and / or YNAP cannot be held liable for any project’s contents. Each Eligible Applicant shall indemnify and hold Condé Nast and YNAP harmless from any claim and/or action and/or cost and/or damage (including legal fees refund) made or brought before the courts by third parties against Condé Nast and/or YNAP, related to the submitted project.


YNAP and Condé Nast shall not be liable (i) for the failure to receive an application, for any reason, (ii) for the receipt of illegible and/or incomplete data, as well as (iii) for the non-delivery of any communication related to the Initiative due to any incorrect or out of date data by the Eligible Applicant, not available email address, email contained in black-list, full or disabled mailbox, unavailable servers or antispam filters.

YNAP and Condé Nast shall not be liable for any damage and/or loss arising from direct or indirect events of any different nature and kind, connected with the applicants’ participation to the Initiative. No claims, including for compensation or any other claim of any kind, may be submitted by the applicants with reference to their participation in the Initiative and/or in case of loss or damage connected to the submitted projects and to the related ideas, collections, prototypes etc..


These terms and conditions are governed by the laws of Italy. Any dispute which may arise out in connection with the interpretation, effectiveness, performance or termination of these terms and conditions, shall be submitted to the exclusive jurisdiction of the Courts of Milan (Italy).


Your personal details such as name and surname, nationality, date of birth, email address, telephone number, academic and professional experience, your image and your voice (hereinafter “Data”) provided when you submit your application for the scouting initiative “Vogue Italia YOOX Challenge - The Future of Responsible Fashion” (hereinafter the “Initiative”), as well as any other data provided in the context of your participation in the Initiative, will be processed by Edizioni Condé Nast S.p.A. (Condé Nast), with legal headquarters at Piazzale Luigi Cadorna 5, Milan (Italy), and by YOOX NET-A-PORTER GROUP S.p.A. (YNAP), a sole-shareholder company subject to direction and coordination of Compagnie Financière Richemont, with legal headquarters at via Morimondo 17, Milan (Italy), as joint controllers of the data processing (hereinafter also referred to together as “Joint controllers”) in accordance with the General Data Protection Regulation (EU) 2016/679 regarding the protection of personal data and the relevant legislation for its implementation (hereinafter referred to together as the “Regulation”) and with the rules established in this policy.


The Joint controllers of the data processing have together agreed, via a specific joint ownership agreement, the purposes, means and duration of the processing of Data provided by you over the course of the Initiative, as per the procedures set out in the Regulation. Each controller will process Data according to their respective responsibilities as established in Appendix 1 of this agreement, which is provided below in its entirety.


Joint controllers - relative responsibilities

Condé Nast


Shared roles and Duration of Processing

(i) Data collected through Application form questions and access

✓ Access to personal data received by YNAP and shared by YNAP

at the email address: Vogueyooxchallen ge@condenast.it,, on the basis of the information requested in the Initiative’s Application form questions

  • ✓  Provision of a dedicated landing page for the Initiative and for the filling in of the Application form questions

  • ✓  Collection of Data uploaded through the Application form questions

  • ✓  Collection of personal Data at the email address: vogueyooxchalleng e@ynap.com

  • ✓  Data sharing with Condé Nast

  • ✓  Data processing for purposes relating to the execution of the Initiative.

  • ✓  Retention of Data for the time period strictly necessary for the duration of the Initiative.

(ii) Selection and evaluation via the Application form questions, selection and

✓ Evaluation and selection of

participants on the part of Condé Nast, YNAP and the International

✓ Evaluation and selection of

participants, with the support of Ludovica Braglia (Sustainable

(February-August 2021 phase)

  • ✓  Data processing for the initial selection of the first 20 projects from those received.

  • ✓  Retention of Data regarding unselected applicants until the


The processing of Data for the purposes set out in points (i), (ii) and (iii) of the preceding paragraph will be carried out by either Joint controller, in order to effectuate the contract, namely, to process your application, to evaluate and possibly select your project and - should your project be selected and approved by the panels of experts - to name the designer(s) and/or start-up(s) whose project(s) is/are considered the best by the panel without requiring your express consent (as per article 6.1 point (b) of the Regulation). The release of the Data provided in the Application Form is essential for these uses, and therefore not providing this information will prevent your application from being examined, and consequently prevent you from participating in the Initiative. We ask you not to provide us with information which could be considered “special category” data, such as your medical information or information which reveal your religious or political beliefs, trade union membership or sexual orientation. The processing of Data for the purposes set out in point (iv) is carried out to fulfil legal obligations and to protect the Joint controller in case of litigation, and therefore does not require your express consent.


Data will be processed by either Joint controller using manual, telematic and computer-based tools, which will nonetheless provide adequate measures to guarantee security and to impede access by non-authorised parties. Data may be transferred exclusively for the purposes described above, to the following subjects, with headquarters in the European Union: a) for the evaluation of the application and the examination and selection of projects, as well as managing Initiative participation and naming the designer(s) and/or start-up(s) whose project(s) is/are considered the best by the panel of experts, as per the methods described in the terms and conditions of participation in the Initiative, Data will be transferred by YOOX NET-A-PORTER GROUP S.p.A. to Ludovica Braglia, Sustainable Business, Fashion & Communication Advisor, supporting YNAP in organizing and managing the Initiative and to the Panel of experts selected by the Joint controllers themselves; b) persons, companies, associations or professional studios who provide assistance and consultation services to the Joint controllers, especially, but not exclusively, as regards accounting, administrative, legal, tax- related and financial services; c) subjects whose authority to access the Data is recognised by law or by secondary legislation. These subjects act as Data processors, or as Data controllers. You may request the directory of subjects to whom your Data will or may be transferred at the following addresses - for Edizioni Condé Nast S.p.A.: email: privacy@condenast.it; - for YOOX NET-A-PORTER GROUP S.p.A.: privacyteam@ynap.com.


We remind you that in the cases provided for by law, you have the right to:
a) obtain information regarding the existence of Data and the reason for its processing, how long it will be retained, and the subjected to whom it will be transferred;
b) receive the Data collected regarding you in a standard, interoperable format that is readable by electronic devices;
c) limit or oppose some or all processing at any time;
d) have incorrect personal data rectified or incomplete personal data completed;
e) have Data deleted within a reasonable time frame.
Finally, we also remind you that you have the right to contact the Italian Data Protection Authority (Piazza di Monte Citorio, 121 – 00186 Rome, Italy) to exercise your rights regarding the processing of your Data.


Each Joint controller has named a Data Protection Officer (DPO), as per art. 37 et seq. of the Regulation, who will be located for this office at Edizioni Condé Nast S.p.A. and at YOOX NET-A-PORTER GROUP S.p.A. and who can be contacted with requestions regarding Data processing:
- for Edizioni Condé Nast S.p.A.: email: privacy@condenast.it;
- for YOOX NET-A-PORTER GROUP S.p.A.: dpo@ynap.com.
You can exercise your rights as listed in the preceding paragraph by writing to these email addresses.

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