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WRÅD - Leisurewear
EUR 198,00 EUR 98,00
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    100% Organic cotton
    Founded in 2015, WRAD is a European movement active in raising awareness of the true impact of fashion. In 2016 WRAD began investing with synergic partners in the development of new and innovative technological solutions to some of the problems caused by the fashion industry. This all came to a head when the brand launched at the end of that year, with the mission to inspire the market to express intangible environmental and social values through tangible things. WRAD, co-founded by Matteo Ward, Victor Santiago and Silvia Giovanardi, has since earned the Best of the Best 2017 at the RedDot Design Awards. Their G_PWDR Technology, the sustainable dyeing technique WRAD developed with the endorsement of Perpetua We Had To Invent It and in partnership with ItalDenim, is now patent pending. Made in Italy. This product meets the criteria of one or more of YOOXYGEN's sustainability attributes. Visit YOOXYGEN to find out more.
    Length 63 cm
Product code: 12399649XN