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David Shrigley

Box of Crap Packing Tape, Set of 3
EUR 24,00
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    Plastic, Glue
    Height 4.8 cm, Width 11.5 cm
    Box of Crap Packing Tape x David Shrigley by Third Drawer Down, a collaboration between Third Drawer Down and British artist David Shrigley. Tape roll length: 100m. Designed exclusively between David Shrigley and Third Drawer Down, Box of Crap tape is for crap packing, and making people laugh, because that's important.
    The unparalleled David Shrigley. The English artist hails from Cheshire, a fellow countryman of Lewis Carrol's grinning Cheshire cat, and moves like a spinning top through all forms of artistic expression. Comic strip artist, graphic designer, writer, director, stylist. Above all a visual artist in the broadest sense, a Turner Prize nominee and selected for the Fourth Plinth Project, London's sculptural foundation on which he installed Really Good, his temporary personal vision of the concept of a monument represented by a hand in bronze with an erect and disproportionate thumb. Shringley moves with great ease from drawing to painting to sculpture, not least Brass Tooth, a copy of his tooth that he has produced several versions, although it is the first that is most widely appreciated and recognised around the globe. With a synthetic, direct and ironic touch verging on sarcasm, Shrigley is a real graffiti artist with a subversive soul, the successor to ridicule as a form of political struggle and social provocation.
Product code: 58042936TT