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Payment Methods accepts the following payment methods:

Credit Card: Visa, MasterCard, American Express.
Your card will be charged when each package is shipped. Your card will be charged in Euros. features a Fast Checkout option, allowing you to securely save your credit card details so that you don't have to re-enter them for future purchases.

PayPal: If your order contains only items sold by YOOX, your account will be charged upon completion of your order.
If, however, your order contains items sold by YOOX and one of our partners, you will be charged as each package ships. To register for a PayPal account, visit the website

Cash on Delivery: At the time of delivery, you must have the exact order total indicated in the shipping confirmation email in cash. The courier cannot provide change and does not accept cheques. For eventual refunds, you must indicate a bank or postal account that it is registered in the same country that the order was placed. This payment method has an additional cost of € 5,50 and it is available only to registered users.

Moneyoox (not available for items sold by partners): if you have Moneyoox and you make an order while logged in, this payment method will be used automatically. You can pay any eventual balance with a payment method of your choice: Credit Card, Cash on Delivery or PayPal.
Discover more about .

Klarna (not available for items sold by partners): select the Klarna option and enter your debit or credit card information. To check your eligibility, Klarna will perform a soft search with a credit reference agency. Registration and payment, as well as all thereto related policies can be found at Please note that Klarna products available to you may vary depending on your billing country. Discover more about .

Tax Information

Purchasing on is reserved for end consumers. Our prices are inclusive of VAT.

Invoices are issued for YOOX items, which you may find attached to the Shipping Confirmation email.
For items sold by our partners, you will find a sale document detailing the items purchased inside the package. Please contact the partner if you require an invoice.

Please note: once the order has been confirmed, there is no way to modify the details you have entered and it is not possible to issue a new invoice.

Print or View Invoice

An invoice is included in the Shipping Confirmation email sent when your package has left our warehouse.
A copy can also be located by checking your order details.

Unfortunately we are unable to modify invoices which have already been issued.
In order to avoid export issues and delivery delays, the products and prices listed on the invoice must match the actual contents of your package.

Payment Security

On, every purchase is made with maximum security thanks to the use of Trustwave and Geotrust-certified secure servers and the implementation of the most advanced encryption services (SSL). We only use protected connections, as demonstrated by the "https" URL prefix and the lock symbol that appears in the browser's address bar.

To safeguard your credit card purchases, you will always be asked to enter your CVV code for every order. As an additional safety measure, you may be asked by your credit card provider to authorise payment by entering a one-time password, an SMS code, or another authentication method.

Our Payments department may carry out anti-fraud checks before approving the transaction and for greater protection, they may contact you for further details before confirming the order.

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