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To say that Harriet Verney is eccentric is an understatement. In London, she’s known for her fearless individuality - no doubt an approach that she took from her aunt Isabella Blow. Surrounded by fashion icons from an early age - Bryan Ferry and Daphne Guinness to be exact - Harriet adopted an innate sense of style that is evident today in her role as a writer and stylist for i-D and British Vogue. After all, at three years old, photographer Mario Testino snapped her first portrait. By age 16, she was working in the atelier of Alexander McQueen. Harriet is the ultimate fashion anarchist.

What is your first ‘fashion’ memory? Breaking my ankle at age 6 in Givenchy platforms

When did you first realize you wanted to work in fashion? When I realized I didn’t look good in a power suit and sneakers.

Do you remember your first job? Starting my own art gallery and selling a spin painting hat to Philip Treacy.

The most incredible person you’ve met in your work travels? Grace Jones, fellow hula-hooper.

Do you have a style icon? My Mom (sometimes).

The piece that best represents you? A pair of worn-out red and black pointed Manolos, chewed by my puppy, worn every day, muddy, missing half their heel. They are the best-looking shoes.

The look that best represents you? A bit of couture from mom, with a pair of mod-checkered Vans with a hole that my big toe keeps peeping through.

You chose the ‘mini-skirt’ theme. Why? Because it’s flirty and looks great if you’re not the tallest girl. I have a rule: Anything shorter than 9 inches is not allowed.

How many mini-skirts do you own? Many, but not enough! The first one was a silk McQueen suit skirt I cut up (and ruined).

What is the best way to wear a mini-skirt? With a tailored jacket.

What would you never match with a mini-skirt? Leggings.

Portrait by Simone Steenberg for Flofferz Magazine