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Forget everything you've read in the travel guides. “Los Angeles is paradoxically a very private city. The distances are pretty significant, so it isn't easy to meet up,” reveals Ivan Olita, who moved there three years ago. “And to discover the city you have to have very clear ideas and do a lot of walking.” The young creative director and filmmaker, who has worked with international artists like Lady Gaga, led us around his “Star City”. His private tour took us into up-and-coming trendy areas and the most hidden and unlikely corners of the city, such as a monastery of Tibetan monks on Sunset Boulevard. 
I've been living out of a suitcase
for 3 years!

That's why, as a good globetrotter, I recommend packing few but versatile pieces, such as all-black clothes.

A must-try restaurant  
Musso & Frank! It's Hollywood's oldest restaurant and they make a great
martini there.
The coolest meet-up spot
It has to be Tenants Of The Trees in Silver Lake! This place organizes really fun evenings.
The latest fashion on the L.A. streets
Digital oriented! A lot of musicians and athletic types are mixing technical T-shirts and details with contrasting accessories such as a Texan hat.
An up-and-coming part of town
Between Downtown and Echo Park,
they are developing an exciting
culinary scene. 
3 recommendations for those about to head over here
Watch “Los Angeles Plays Itself”, one of the best documentaries about the city. Rent a convertible. Explore and walk around a lot.