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From the second matchmaker Gianfranco Ferr� introduced them, ethereal top model Eva Riccobono and eclectic sound designer Matteo Ceccarini, have never left each other’s side. “He introduced us during Vienna’s Life Ball in 2004. It was an extraordinary and spectacular event, just like the Love Parade, orchestrated by fashion maisons”, says Eva. Today, the couple live together in Milan, where they split their time between many work commitments and romantic moments, which usually take place in the Palestro Public Gardens, their favorite place. Matteo has been a deejay for 25 years, creating music for some of the biggest fashion shows. At the moment, he is launching his new album, which was recorded in London’s legendary Abbey Road Studios: “Some of the most important songs in history have been recorded there. I hope mine will have absorbed the same energy”, says Matteo. Meanwhile, Eva is currently appearing on the silver screen in Marco Ponti’s “Passione Sinistra”. She interprets the role of Simonetta, a sweet and naive girl who seems to be similar to the real Eva: ”We are both very positive people”, she tells us. The actress is very funny, too: “During a break from the set, I went into a nearby bar without changing my clothes. To have a laugh, I didn’t switch back to being Eva and went on being Simonetta, behaving exactly like she would have behaved. When I was leaving, I heard the barman saying that I was out of my mind”, exclaims Eva. Their future projects? Eva dreams about acting in a theater show, while Matteo, instead, lives in the present, indicating that the couple might even work together one day: “With us, everything is possible!”. In 2009, for example, they surprised their fans by singing “Labbra” together. “We were in Tuscany, in the countryside, and spent our days in bed. As we all know, laziness triggers imagination. It was the 30 year anniversary of ‘Je t’aime- moi non plus’ and we wanted to celebrate…”. For yoox.com, the couple has selected the pieces which best represent their style. The mix of both men’s and women’s clothing is perfect for Eva who likes to steal and wear Matteo’s clothes. “Luckily, he doesn’t steal mine!”, laughs Eva talking about Matteo, who prefers a more eclectic style and pays a lot of attention to detail.

Matteo’s unique personality trait?
E.R.: His laugh.

Eva’s unique personality trait?
M.C.: Her grace.

Matteo’s defect?
E.R.: Matteo is an Aries, when he is mad the only way for him to calm down is agreeing with him.

Eva’s biggest defect?
M.C.: She hogs the covers at night.

What is your favorite song?
E.R.: “Little Lion Man” by Mumford & Sons 
M.C.: “Ovunque Proteggi” by Vinicio Capossela

What is your favorite film?
E.R.: "La fille sur le pont" by Patrice Leconte. 
M.C.: “Baraka” by Ron Fricke.

Eva, how much of yourself do you see in Simonetta, the character that you play in the film “Passione Sinistra”?
E.R.: We are two positive people despite everything, and the clumsiness that shines through sometimes!

How do you prepare for each role?
E.R.: I analyze the character on a psychological level, so I try to think like that person and I let go.

Matteo, can you tell us about your new album?
M.C.: It is simple, to the point with rock-techno tracks and a cover of the Black Keys, a super cool group. I am happy with the result.

Which artists have influenced you the most?
M.C.: I have been a deejay for 25 years so there is not one single group that has influenced me, but there are a myriad of experiences and a lot of albums that I have lived, played and loved.

What are the 3 things you would tell someone to do in Milan if they were only in the city for 2 days?
E.R.: Walk on top of the Duomo, go and see “The Last Supper” by Leonardo Da Vinci and take a walk around the fashionable streets.

The best place to listen to live music?
E.R.: The Teatro alla Scala. 
M.C.: The Blue Note.

The most romantic place?
E.R.: Our bedroom! 
M.C.: It is in the gardens of Villa Reale: just after the brook there is a little abandoned tower with a bench in front of it

What do you always carry in your suitcase?
​E.R.: My white T-shirts. 
M.C.: Overweight!