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 On the run in Rome
Every workout is historic
It’s the open secret of the capital’s runners: whether beginner or pro, if you go running in Rome, sooner or later you'll be left breathless... breathless because of the unique spectacle of the city! Just picture a route that speeds past Piazza del Popolo, Via Margutta, Via Del Corso, Ara Pacis, Castel Sant’Angelo and the Vatican Walls. Three miles of track that, alternating running with sprinting, will propel you right into the heart of the historic center. Not bad for a workout! 
We haven’t even mentioned the organized training sessions at the athletics stadiums, another favorite of Roman marathon runners (check out the Stadio dei Marmi and the Baths of Caracalla). It’s clear that sports gear worthy of your workout should be one of your training goals, and - more importantly - should always support your every need. In the evening, for example, colorful reflective garments will help you stay visible on the streets. 
The same goes for your choice of shoes: they must be high-performance, fast and fun. Don't believe us? Before your warm-up, place your hand in Bocca della Verit�, the famous stone face with the open mouth that is rumored to slam shut if you tell a lie. That's something else they do in Rome.  
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