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GUDRUN & GUDRUN - Polo neck
EUR 364,00 (RON 1.772,86) EUR 254,00 (RON 1.237,11)
  • Ivory
  • M
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    100% Wool
    Gudrun & Gudrun is a knitwear company founded by two Faroese women, Guðrun Ludvig and Guðrun Rógvadóttir, in 2002. The Faroe Islands are eighteen tiny islands located in the North Atlantic, between Iceland and Norway, where silence and isolation inspire the creative process of G&G. The designers’ vision is to make a difference in their customer’s lives, both with female-empowered hand-knit items and a focus on the environmentally sound use of natural resources: the majority of the collection is handmade by Faroese, Jordanian and Peruvian women and every jumper is made with 100% untreated and undyed Faroese wool from sheep living on unfertilised grass in the mountains. Each garment meets the conscious customer’s standards who care about each other, the environment, natural resources and want to be stylish at the same time. This product meets the criteria of one or more of YOOXYGEN's sustainability attributes. Visit YOOXYGEN to find out more.
    Length 59 cm
Product code: 14090689PT