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SELETTI WEARS TOILETPAPER - Planners & notebooks
EUR 36,00
  • Sky blue
Last one available
Limited availability
    Paper, Polyurethane
    Height 15 cm, Width 10.5 cm
    logo, print, 2-piece set, lined pages
    Pierpaolo Ferrari is a photographer with an unmistakeable style that is colourful, provocative and surreal. He began his career in advertising in the nineties, and it is this period – still marked by the joyful aesthetic revolution of the decade before – that has informed the pop sensibility of his work. Ferrari has collaborated with companies like Kenzo, Alitalia and Artemide and publications such as The New York Times, Die Zeit and Le Monde. Maurizio Cattelan needs no introduction. A world-renowned artist with a brilliant mind and razor-sharp wit, his work has been exhibited at and included in the world's most prestigious museums and art collections, more so than any Italian before him. Together, Pierpaolo and Maurizio, a pair of jesters with a gift for visual communication, founded Toiletpaper, a magazine and brand of books, clothing, interior design and gadgets that thrills, amuses and seduces in equal measure. With no need for words.
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