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SELETTI - Bathroom accessories
EUR 55,00
  • Blue
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    Depth 7 cm, Height 17.5 cm, Width 25.5 cm
    A porcelain submarine to hold your bath accessories. The submarine is divided into four parts, making it easy to clean. The internal magnets make sure they always line up. The submarine has a toothbrush holder, liquid soap dispenser, a container for cotton wool and little box for hairclips. The project is a continuation of the current Desktructure Collection. Due to popular demand, Stefano Seletti chose to expand the collection, but this time for the bathroom. The challenge was to include all the various items such as a toothbrush holder, soap dispenser and boxes in a natural and functional way. “The liquid soap dispenser gave us the idea of a periscope, and then the idea of a submarine flowed naturally, it worked really well, since water is a common element between the bathroom and the submarine. An extra feature is the internal magnets that were added to keep the modules in line. The rubber coating gives it a soft, gentle feel to the touch. My favourite colour is obviously the yellow in a tribute to the Beatles” - Héctor Serrano
Product code: 58017058UO