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In sport, as in everyday life, it's important to choose the garment that most suits your personal style and needs. Here we explain the difference between skinny trousers, tights, 3/4 tights and shorts, so you always look and perform your best.

If you're into sport, you're no doubt familiar with tights. Whether you run, do yoga, Pilates or any other sport that works up a sweat and gets the adrenaline pumping, what counts is your wellbeing. Long tights made from technical fabric protect you from chilly spring mornings, keeping you safe and comfortable, no matter the sport. What's more, tights provide compression and muscular support, helping you give 100%.

Who said technical apparel had to be monochrome and monotonous? Whether tights, skinny trousers or 3/4 tights, these garments can bring colour, creativity and character to your work out. Sweat with heart, soul and style.

Comfort above all else. Skinny trousers are suitable for sport and more comfortable than tights, thanks to softer fabrics and a looser fit. What’s more, their subtler look lets you stay on trend.

For when performance is paramount. Also called "sprinters" by those in the know. No restriction, just adrenaline, speed and the determination to go as fast and far as you can.

The sun is shining and the temperature rising. But even when you're warmed up and its cold, bare calves help maintain optimum body temperature. Comfortable and close fitting, 3/4 tights will help maximise your performance and achieve your goals.