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SELETTI - Tea and coffee
EUR 24,00 (SEK 241,82)
  • White
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    Depth 7 cm, Height 14.5 cm, Width 7 cm
    Through a creative process that moves from the more familiar disposable packaging to more refined objects made from long-lasting, premium materials, Seletti offers an innovative solution to the aesthetic and practical needs of our daily life. Estetico Quotidiano is a line of food and drink containers faithfully reproducing the shapes of disposable packaging but in hard-wearing materials such as porcelain and borosilicate glass. Microwave and dishwasher safe, Estetico Quotidiano products represent an opportunity to revisit everyday tableware, in an original and fun way to serve food and drink. SELAB is the creative team who have been rocking the creative boat at Seletti since 1988. What's more, SELAB is the driving force behind SELETTI ideas that anticipate evolving trends and groundbreaking new ideas, products, solutions and challenges.
    SELAB is the creative team behind the renowned Seletti brand. The SELAB team is made up of Miria and Stefano SELETTI (designers and project managers), Vittorio BONI and the STUDIO BADINO CreatTeam (experts in visually manipulating graphics, photos, concepts and communication), Luca GOGLIO (project development, technical solutions and production). SELAB believes in the flowing of ideas, in the speed and power of teamwork, in the challenge offered by the modern, in playful inventiveness. Their objective is to keep the creative pot on a constant boil, with ideas bubbling between the project manager, the creative office and the production team, in a method that is more visionary than academic. SELAB is the engine behind SELETTI's fame for trendsetting and groundbreaking ideas, products, solutions and provocations.
Product code: 58002282JK