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    Cotton, Linen
    Height 67 cm, Width 50 cm
    Balloon Tea Towel x We Go to the Gallery by Third Drawer Down, a collaboration between Third Drawer Down and author and illustrator Miriam Elia. Based on spreads from the best-selling book We Go to the Gallery, these are life lessons from Mummy to bring into your everyday. A linen blend tea towel to enlighten your kitchen or your walls.
    We Go To The Gallery is a superbly mischievous book that has become a viral phenomenon. A razor sharp and somewhat cynical parody of a classic from the 1960s British Ladybird series, reinterpreted by artist Miriam Elia and published by Dung Beetle Books, We Go To The Gallery follows Peter, Jane and Mummy visiting an art gallery, where they learn about sex, death and contemporary art. It is subtly assumed that the three things, plus others that are even more playfully salacious like an empty room or the vagina paintings, overlap in a single meaning, that of Art. We Go To The Gallery is about learning what contemporary means and what are some of its most important key themes. Highly entertaining and quite ruthless, We Go To The Gallery has now become, thanks to Third Drawer Down, a delightful collection of products including place mats and bags to accompany the book, perhaps even for a little light reading over breakfast.
Product code: 58042899JT