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EUR 41,00
  • Light grey
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    100% Linen
    Height 67 cm, Width 50 cm
    Overdrive Tea Towel x Robert Rauschenberg by Third Drawer Down, a collaboration between Third Drawer Down and the Robert Rauschenberg Foundation directly benifiting the foundation with each sale. A digitally screen printed tea towel featuring the work of American painter and graphic artist Robert Rauschenberg. Can be seen as a functional product or decorative wall art for your home.
    One of the most daring artistic experimenters of the twentieth century, Robert Rauschenberg was born in Texas in 1925. His father was of German and Cherokee ancestry and his mother of Anglo-Saxon descent. Deviating by chance from a career as a pharmacist, Rauschenberg developed a much freer and more irreverent relationship with the past than the more academically structured artists. What interested him throughout his life was the search for his own new and original way to express himself. Undoubtedly he succeeded. Expressionist with colour and Dadaist in mindset, his artistic life was an endless flow of creation. From the White Paintings that inspired John Cage to the Combines in which he incorporated objects into paintings, from stuffed animals that anticipated Damien Hirst to the enamelled bed that preceded Tracey Emin, Rauschenberg’s frenzied imagination ceased only with his death in 2008. Yet his work still continues to sway new generations with its powerful influence.
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