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EUR 59,00
  • Light green
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    100% Cotton
    Height 100 cm, Width 75 cm
    Dog Towel Beach Towel x David Shrigley by Third Drawer Down, a collaboration between Third Drawer Down and British artist David Shrigley. Pool-side art for you or your dog.
    The unparalleled David Shrigley. The English artist hails from Cheshire, a fellow countryman of Lewis Carrol's grinning Cheshire cat, and moves like a spinning top through all forms of artistic expression. Comic strip artist, graphic designer, writer, director, stylist. Above all a visual artist in the broadest sense, a Turner Prize nominee and selected for the Fourth Plinth Project, London's sculptural foundation on which he installed Really Good, his temporary personal vision of the concept of a monument represented by a hand in bronze with an erect and disproportionate thumb. Shringley moves with great ease from drawing to painting to sculpture, not least Brass Tooth, a copy of his tooth that he has produced several versions, although it is the first that is most widely appreciated and recognised around the globe. With a synthetic, direct and ironic touch verging on sarcasm, Shrigley is a real graffiti artist with a subversive soul, the successor to ridicule as a form of political struggle and social provocation.
Product code: 58042938MG