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FLOS - Wall lamp
EUR 815,00 (SEK 8.211,94)
EUR 690,00 (SEK 6.952,44)
  • Silver
Last one available
Limited availability
  • Made In Italy
    Item made in Italy, synonymous with quality and design creativity.
    Rubber, Aluminium, Acrylic
    Width 31 cm
    WireRing. Wire and ring. These two simple components make up this incredible lamp created by design duo Formafantasma and manufactured by Flos. A light source that perfectly embodies the meaning behind the creative moniker adopted by this pair of young and innovative Italian designers. The form is the result of a careful reflection on light, from the photon to formal balance, achieved with minimum physical presence for maximum atmospheric effect. A rubber power cable – an integral part of the design's structure – skirts an aluminium LED hoop, with the whole assembly supported by two wall mounts. A circle and a parenthesis, stripped back and elegant, bearing the hallmark asceticism of skilled designers and the formal experimentation of great visual artists. It's more than a lamp, it's an ambiance that challenges and changes our perception through its glowing halo.
    Formafantasma is the enigmatic name of a pair of young and dazzling designers who are causing quite a stir, thanks to a unique approach that goes far beyond the limits imposed by industrial design. Form is a phantom because it most certainly is not the focal point at the Netherlands-based studio founded the Venetian and Sicilian duo, Simone Farresin and Andrea Trimarchi. For them, form is variable and remains in limbo, only materialising at the end of a process whose ultimate destination is still unknown. The work of Formafantasma is based on a dialogue between Simone and Andrea’s opposing personalities, devoted to gathering ideas and constructing narratives that lead to something that only at the very end becomes a concrete object, the fruit of such process and therefore never purely aesthetic or self-referential. An object of design that is also a fully fledged work of art because it's born of a process that goes beyond simple – so to speak – industrial design.
Product code: 58043283XR