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WRÅD celebrates the 10th anniversary of YOOXYGEN with an exclusive capsule collection. The groundbreaking sweatshirt, product of the WRÅD ‘Endorsed by Perpetua’ program, is created with a dyeing technique that has been used for centuries by the inhabitants of Monterosso Calabro, a small village with the only graphite mine in Italy.

A sustainable story to discover.


Made of organic denim with a mineral dye composed of repurposed graphite powder and a print inspired by the ‘70s rock scene. The capsule collection produced exclusively for YOOX is a tribute to freedom and sustainability. Grey has never been so green.


Monterosso Calabro, Roman times.
A fabric dyeing process using graphite was widely diffused amongst the inhabitants of the area. The traditional method was passed down through generations of women in the small Calabrian village.

Monterosso Calabro, today.
WRÅD had an idea: retrieve graphite powder, a by-product of industrial manufacturing, and repurpose it as fabric dye.

The result is a 100% eco-friendly sweatshirt.