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Love, friendship, the desire to share moments together…
The Alighieri X YOOX capsule collection speaks the universal language of emotion, made up of symbols to guide the younger generations through difficulties and the adventures of everyday life.
Three necklaces, a bracelet, two rings and two pairs of earrings: the jewellery from the capsule collection is inspired by the ‘90s and is sustainably handcrafted by founder Rosh Matani, using recycled materials with low environmental impact. Each piece is created through the process of lost-wax casting, that transforms wax into bronze. The heirlooms are then plated in 24k gold in the heart of London’s jewellery district.
The signature piece of the collection is a necklace with a heart pendant.
The chain divides in two and magically, the heart doesn’t break: it opens. Something to share with the person you love the most, to feel like you’re always together.
Alighieri is the jewellery brand created in 2014 by designer Rosh Mahtani, who was inspired by the Italian poet, Dante, and the Divine Comedy for the name.
As a result of her commitment to offering ethical and sustainable collections, she was awarded the prestigious Queen Elizabeth II Award in 2020.
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