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When you work out, you want to perceive every part of your body. You want to feel it react and adapt to the effort,
​ but above all you don't want anything to get in your way: your technical clothing must be so comfortable
that you almost forget you're wearing it. It has to be soft, supportive, breathable and snug. It has to give you freedom of movement,
depending on what you're doing: whether it's endurance such as running, or high impact such as the gym.
​ And whether you are small or larger-breasted, your bra needs to be supportive so that you are free to move.  

When choosing a technical bra, bear these two factors in mind:

1) The activity you want to do (high, medium or low impact)
2) The size and shape of your bust (dimensions, band size, cup)

Then choose a bra in your size for each different activity.
High intensity activities involving changes of direction and strong impact will require a high support bra. Carefully assess the bra's dimensions and any adjustment options, for example the straps. Larger-breasted women may wish to go for a bra with very soft straps for more comfort during movement.

Ideal for running or medium impact activities, these bras give more freedom while protecting against relatively low impact. A gentle yet firm solution.
Light support bras are best when you want to be as free as possible during low impact activities, such as yoga.
To be light and feel that every
fibre of your being can express itself.