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By @gianlucalongogg
Style Editor

An exciting journey to the most beautiful holiday destinations - from the North to the South of the Bel Paese - to discover Italian creativity: rummage through small stores, hidden shops and artisanal brands. You’ll find wonderful fabrics, unique shoes, colourful ceramics, interesting design, luxurious embroideries and incredible craftsmanship.
The phrase Italians Do It Better… couldn’t be more true!

Lying in the sun, sitting in a garden, lounging by a pool, or at the helm a small boat: these are the most relaxing moments where you can abandon yourself.

Who said that spending hours and hours doing nothing on sunny summer days isn’t important?

No matter what time you wake up in the morning, breakfast is always ready, and what could be better than enjoying it with a breathtaking view, under the shade of a lemon tree, or served on colourful ceramics? Start your day off in style! What will your daytime destination be? The beach? A boat? A good read in the garden? A walk in the forest? Decisions, decisions… whatever you decide, do it dressed to the nines! Even the ‘dolce far niente’ is an occasion to look good. With a sexy bikini, a light caftan, a pair of woven sandals and off you go. And don’t forget a straw hat. (Or maybe two or three!)

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A nice soft pillow, some fresh fruit, iced tea in a charming pitcher and a comfy chair: these are the essential accessories for reading a book or scrolling through your IG feed.

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The Dolce Far Niente: Italian’s favourite holiday activity. It’s the best time to indulge yourself: You can think, you can chat on the phone, you can daydream…

Who hasn’t ever dreamt of sitting at a beautifully decorated table in an olive grove in Tuscany, on a terrace overlooking the Amalfi Coast, or simply at a last-minute picnic on a boat?

A Tavola! E’ pronto! Lunch is ready! Italians know how to make a delicious meal with very simple ingredients, and how to decorate the table, thanks to their innate creativity.

Why not pair grandma’s tablecloth in delicate lace with colourful, modern placemats? Try mixing up the glasses, too! The plates should be strictly hand-painted ceramics. The freshly picked flowers from the garden and the shells found at the beach will make wonderful centrepieces. More is more! The more prints, the more the decorative elements on the same table, the more joyous it will look. This style has the power to uplift even the moodiest of guests. It’s called ‘organised chaos’, mixing-and-matching the Italian way.

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Setting the table can be real fun: tablescaping has never been so fashionable, it’s a new trend for the summer months. And Italian dishes go well with all those patterns and colours.

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Aggiungi un posto a tavola! Add a seat to the table! There’s always enough food for everyone. Sharing is caring. With fun and joy.

Street markets are the vibrant hearts of villages and towns. And of local cultures. Everyone will pass by a market one day or another. You can find anything there: Fresh fruit, artisanal products, flowers, handmade accessories, good food.

Being at the market is also a nice time to be social, you can meet people there, chat and get noticed!

Even at the market, Italians know how to be elegant in all their effortless simplicity. “Ciao Bella!” is shouted by vendors to attract their clients. Italian women dress up in printed and colourful light cotton dresses, with comfortable flat shoes like sandals, slides and espadrilles. Plus big sunglasses, for extra glamour. A large bag is also a must, to carry all of the day’s purchases in. Even the simplest of mesh bags can be the chicest accessory.

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It’s at the market that you’ll find the best of Made in Italy, which is also the magic of Italy, with all its charm and simplicity.

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The market offers the true essence of Italian craftsmanship.

Ferragosto is the most anticipated event of the summer in Italy. From Camogli to Gallipoli, Italians get ready to celebrate it with long lunches and meals on the beach, dinners on terraces and garden parties.

Let’s get the party started! Traditionally, friends and families, kids and adults, all gather together on 15 August from midday until the evening when the summer breeze cools off the scorching summer heat.

Ferragosto is when everyone flaunts their tans and shows off the best summer looks. It’s the time to think about clothes, and find the best items for your seasonal wardrobe. Ferragosto is an opportunity to see and to be seen: who has the most fabulous accessories and the most fun handbag? Who is wearing the sexiest dress? Who has the most eye-catching shoes? It’s all very Italian: people drink, eat and tell stories about the best spots to swim, their grandson’s first steps, their cousin’s latest love, and their favourite recipes. It’s a celebration of spending time together.

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Table settings are very important, too: vibrant tablecloths, precious glasses and fine plates. It’s at the party table that you can see the true colours of Italy shine through.

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And when the children nod off, the adults turn up the music and take off their shoes. It’s time to dance barefoot on the sand until dawn. Long live summer!