Enzo Mari

The sustainable levity of design

Having simplified technique to its purpose, to its simplest moments, is what makes the object autonomous. The table leg supports, the nail unites. Enzo Mari, designer, artist and theorist, psychologist of the form and sociologist of the function of design, said this about one of his masterpieces entitled Autoprogettazione.

Pragmatism, democracy and active interaction between the designer and the final user are at the base of his vision, preceding the infamous Ikea instruction booklets by decades.

For Enzo Mari, the purpose of design is to communicate knowledge through form, that must correspond to the meaning conveyed through the function for which it was constructed.

All of his work is supported by a solid theoretical approach and great irony that give his projects a certain power and levity, making them immediately recognisable and irresistibly enthralling.

YOOX presents a wide selection of his creations, projects showcasing absolute simplicity and immense expressive power. Because this is the ethics of design: uniting form and meaning. Ethics must be the purpose of each object, otherwise it is not design.

The Designer

Enzo Mari, designer and artist trained in Brera, was a spokesperson for the world of kinetic and programmed art, theorist of the function of aesthetics research, creator of the Autoprogettazione (self-design) kit, winner of five Compasso d’Oro awards and has his projects displayed at MoMA in New York.