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Famous films told through the looks of their stars

3rd Episode
Style in the movies
Costume designer Arianne Phillips brings us to Hollywood.
Let yourself be transported to the city where magic happens: discover four episodes filled with her modern take on fashion from famous films.
Famous films told through the looks of their stars
Episode 3 / 4

Set in the Californian desert, we discover the lives of two women. Or maybe three? A game of role-playing, a sequence of events that question the identity of the characters defined by their innovative style.

It’s the colours, with sugary, sweet shades that give shape to the protagonists, in perfect contrast to the sinister events that they find themselves living.


Seventies-inspired silhouettes and ultra-feminine details: ruched dresses, bell-bottom jeans, incredible attention to the selection of accessories and colour contrasts are the stars of each look.


With three Academy Award nominations and twenty years collaborating with stars like Madonna, Arianne Phillips is one of the greatest creatives in the entertainment and fashion industry.

Member of the Time’s Up coalition, in 2019, together with Carineh Martin, she founded RAD (Red carpet ADvocacy) an enterprise that engages with brands and talent for social progress and support of important charity initiatives.

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2nd Episode