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KUON - T-shirt
$ 328.00 $ 268.00
  • Dark blue
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  • M
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    100% Cotton
    KUON means “eternity”, “remote past or future”, and “permanence”. While appreciating the history and culture of vintage clothes or textiles, KUON always seeks for permanent, simple, authentic values, not bound by traditional ones. The brand challenges the existing classic notion on vintage clothes, revitalizing it with new value, and proposing products where “stylish” and “socially good” can go together. Instead of simply repairing the BORO (“BORO” refers to worn and useless textiles and old, torn, or patched clothes), KUON creates new pattern from scratch, disassembles the textile into pieces, and reconstructs in order to turn it into modern fashion. KUON welcomes new social activities with various partners and currently the brand is partner with "Otsuchi Sahiko Project", to engage in recovery after the Great East Japan Earthquake in 2011 and cloths are mended by women of the Tohuku region who were affected by the calamieties caused by the earthquake. Made in Japan
Product code: 12121700HI