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MOLESKINE - Fashion Book


Salvatore Ferragamo
$ 45.00
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    Publisher: MOLESKINE Title: SALVATORE FERRAGAMO The "Urban Bids" collection is a collection of books that reveal the creative process of prominent figures of international fashion, providing an intimate look at the secret, multidimensional and fascinating world of contemporary and past stylists. Each book includes one hundred images, unprecedented interviews and essays by leading journalists from the sector. Full of references to contemporary creativity, the story of Salvatore Ferragamo shows how his visions and fantasy became, over the course of the years, timeless. In this volume, footwear design projects were selected, starting with the use of materials, a nylon string or a chocolate brown cover, along with an attentive study of the anatomy of the foot.
    Height 10.92 inches, Width 7.22 inches
Product code: 56002491XM