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$ 40.00
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    100% Linen
    Height 27.3 inches, Width 19.5 inches
    Afromuses Man Tea Towel x Chris Ofili by Third Drawer Down, a collaboration between Third Drawer Down, Chris Ofili and the New Museum New York. A digitally screen printed tea towel featuring the work of British Turner Prize-winning painter. The perfect functional or decorative addition to your collection, this item was originally made in collaboration with the New Museum in New York City.
    A Bad Painting artist and a member of the now legendary Young British Artists group, he exhibited with names such as Damien Hirst and Tracey Emin in the paradigmatic Sensation exhibition at the Royal Academy in London—where he unveiled paintings made with elephant dung, sequins and pornographic cuttings—and winner of the prestigious Turner Prize. Chris Ofili, an English artist of Nigerian origin, has always tackled fundamental issues such as identity, prejudice and preconceptions with complexity and eclecticism, using suggestions gathered from anthropological traditions, contemporary popular culture and African art. His paintings, brutal and yet balanced, shift the focus of vision from the ever powerful and graceful excess of naturalistic decoration to the penetrating and expressive gaze of the faces that move inside, pushing every visual certainty towards an ambiguity that in itself asks questions that are still far from being resolved.
Product code: 58042909HI